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Will we ever live in a colorblind world? Share your opinion during “The Black and White Truth About Racism” October 26th from 7-8 pm at […]

Lifetree Cafe – October 26

Sermon – Laity Sunday One service at 10:00 am We Are God’s Church…Are You Connected? LIFEGROUP FAIR BEING HELD IN KROUT. PLAN ON ATTENDING!

October 22 Worship Service @ 10am

Feeling down about yourself? Give us an hour and we may be able to help. Join us for “The 60-Minute Guide to Greater Confidence,” coming […]

Lifetree Cafe – October 19

Can religion sometimes be harmful? Discuss this with us during “Toxic Faith” October 12 at Lifetree Café. How do you react when you hear the […]

Lifetree Cafe – October 12