Lifetree Café

Will we ever live in a colorblind world? Share your opinion during “The Black and White Truth About Racism” October 26th from 7-8 pm at […]

Lifetree Cafe – October 26

Feeling down about yourself? Give us an hour and we may be able to help. Join us for “The 60-Minute Guide to Greater Confidence,” coming […]

Lifetree Cafe – October 19

Can religion sometimes be harmful? Discuss this with us during “Toxic Faith” October 12 at Lifetree Café. How do you react when you hear the […]

Lifetree Cafe – October 12

How do you make a choice that doesn’t have an obvious right answer? Discuss dilemmas with us during “Making Life’s Toughest Decisions” October 5th from […]

Lifetree Cafe – October 5th

He publicly forgave the man who brutally murdered his mother. Find out why during “Forgiving the Unforgivable” September 28th from 7-8 pm at Lifetree Café. […]

Lifetree Cafe – September 28th

Is the church still relevant in today’s society? Discuss it with us during “Is Church Obsolete?” September 21st from 7-8 pm at Lifetree Café. If […]

Lifetree Cafe – September 21st

You saw her wow the judges on America’s Got Talent; now learn the story behind the story of deaf singer Mandy Harvey. Don’t miss “Follow […]

Lifetree Cafe – September 14th

What are you still holding onto from your past and why? Discuss it with us during “Getting Past…Your Past” September 7th from 7-8 pm at […]

Lifetree Cafe – September 7th

What’s the real toll a career in the NFL can take on a person’s body? We’ll share a glimpse during “Concussions: A Former NFL Player […]

Lifetree Cafe – August 31st

Learn some practical steps to guard yourself from identity theft. Join us for “They Hijacked My Life!” August 24 from 7-8 pm at Lifetree Café. […]

Lifetree Cafe – August 24th

Join us to discuss practical ideas for finding peace after a loss. Don’t miss “Coping with Grief” August 17 from 7-8 pm at Lifetree Café. […]

Lifetree Cafe – August 17th

Can science and religion be friends, or will they always be in opposition? Share your thoughts during “Science and Religion” August 10 from 7-8 pm […]

Lifetree Cafe – August 10th