Lifetree Café

She’s a modern-day Dr. Doolittle, and she’s ready to share her insights with you. Learn more during “What’s Your Pet Trying to Tell You?” June […]

Lifetree Cafe – June 29th

What are the lessons your parents taught you that shaped who you are? Share your stories during “Imperfect Parents” June 22nd from 7-8 pm at […]

Lifetree Cafe – June 22nd

Why do people accumulate more stuff than they need or use? Discuss it with us during “Surrounded by Stuff” June 15th from 7-8 pm at […]

Lifetree Cafe – June 15th

Is there space in the church for an open dialogue about homosexuality? One pastor believes so. Hear his story during “The Church and Gays” June […]

Lifetree Cafe – June 8th

Is there an easy way to help combat rising healthcare costs in the U.S.? One man thinks so and will share it with you during […]

Lifetree Cafe – June 1st

Is the Mormon Church Christian? Is it a cult? What do Mormons really believe? Discuss this with us at “Mormons,” May 25th at Lifetree Café. […]

Lifetree Cafe – May 25th

Feeling a little down on yourself lately? We may be able to help. Join us for a boost to your self-confidence during “What’s Wrong Right […]

Lifetree Cafe – May 18th

Why can change be so hard? Is there a better way to face change? Discuss this with us during “Embracing Change” May 11th at Lifetree […]

Lifetree Cafe – May 11th

What does it mean to have a healthy body image? Unpack this question with us during “Hey, Good Lookin’” May 4th at Lifetree Café. What’s […]

Lifetree Cafe – May 4th

Is there a class struggle in the U.S.? Share your thoughts during “Class Warfare” Thursday from 7-8pm at Lifetree Café. Do you think there is […]

Lifetree Cafe – April 27th

She found forgiveness and healing in the midst of an unimaginable tragedy. Hear her incredible story during “Amazing Grace” Thursday from 7-8pm at Lifetree Café. […]

Lifetree Cafe – April 20th

Join us for a one-hour escape from the constant pressures of this world. Don’t miss “Smile Awhile” Thursday from 7-8pm at Lifetree Café. What’s the […]

Lifetree Cafe – April 13th