Worship Services

Blended Service – 8:15 am

Are you an early bird?  Do you want something more casual than a formal worship service…then the 8:15 am blended worship is for you.  We  welcome to our 8:15 Blended Service Worship Leader Wayne Wells; his wife Mrs. Katie Wells; a teacher within the Van Wert School District and their daughter Ava Wells. Wayne is a spirit-filled servant of God and we are thankful for his worship experience and Christian Testimony.

The 8:15 am service is a relaxed informal setting. The focus is always just where it is in all our services…on our connection to God and one another. The Blended Service music is a mix of traditional and contemporary led by the Praise Team.  Join us for the “Chat with the Children,” the Message, and music for your soul.

Traditional Service – 10:45 am

Our 10:45 am service follows a traditional form.  The ministers, acolytes and choirs are usually robed.  The music includes traditional hymns and both classical and modern Christian music.  The music is accompanied by pipe organ, piano, and occasionally a brass ensemble or even a small orchestra.  The service features both liturgical acts, such as the doxology and responsive prayers, and informal moments, such as a children’s message.  The traditional service is the most popular service at First Church

Common Questions

What is worship like? That depends on which service you attend. Check out each service under the Worship tab for more details on each service. Am I sitting in someone’s seat? Maybe. But chances are they don’t mind.
How should I dress? However you are comfortable. Some men wear suits and some wear slacks and polo shirts. Some women wear dresses and some wear pants. In the summer time some folks come to services in shorts.
Will I be asked to stand and be recognized, or say anything? Absolutely not. We let you remain anonymous until you’re ready to make yourself known.
How will I know when to stand, sit, sing, pray, leave, or whatever? For the 8:15 blended service and 10:45 traditional service there are printed bulletins with clear instructions. There is always direction from the pulpit also.
What kind of people will I encounter at First Church? There are all kinds here. We have people of various races, social backgrounds, professions, theologies, and interests. What we have in common is a desire to know and relate to God. Some are far down that road. Others are just taking their first steps. Wherever you are on that path, you can fit in at First Church.